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Inductive Sensors
inductive_miniature_sensors   Miniature Sensors

Inductive miniature sensors.
When space for sensors is limited – Compact sensor sizes allow installation even in limited spaces.

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inductive_miniature_sensors   Factor 1 Sensors

Inductive Factor 1 Sensors.
Fixed distance to the object and maximum sensing distances

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inductive_miniature_sensors   Outdoor Sensors

Outdoor sensors and all-metal sensors (DuroProx)
• Commercial vehicles
• Machine tools
• Shipping
• Cranes and lifting gear
• Metal manufacturing/processing

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standard_sensors   Standard Sensor

• Very high resolution and repeat accuracy
High switching frequencies
Very small dimensions possible

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inductive_miniature_sensors   Hygienic and Washdown Sensors

Inductive hygienic and washdown sensors for food & beverage.
Certified and reliable – Available in two different housing designs for a variety of machine zones.

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sensores_especiais   Sensors with Extended Tempearture Range

• High temperature range up to 180ºC.
Versions with integrated or detached processing electronics.
High switching frequencies.

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sensores_especiais   Sensors Resistant to High Pressure and Weld Field Immune

• Pressure resistant up to 500bar.
For high magnetic fields up to 90 mT.
High switching frequencies.

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sensores_especiais   Inductive Sensors for the Ex-Area

• For environments with flammable gas and dust.
Different types of protection.
Available in small tree sizes.

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sensores_especiais   Large Sensing Distance (GammaProx)

• Large measuring distance with small dimensions.
Low temperature drift.
Shielded and unshielded drift versions.

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