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incrremental_heavyduty_encoders   Incremental HeavyDuty Encoders

• Hollow shafts up to 150 mm in diameter.
• Redundant sensing optionally available.
• Powerfull output drivers.
• Integrated function monitoring system EMS (Enhanced Monitoring System).

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absolute_heavyduty_encoders   Absolute HeavyDuty Encoders

• Gear-and battery-less multurn generator (microGen).
• Redundant sensing optionally available.
• All common absolute interfaces.

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heavyduty_speed_switches   HeavyDuty Speed Switches

• Mechanical centrifugal switches or as electronic versions.
• Heavy-duty and fail-safe.
• Stand-alone device, integrated or as combination with encoder or tachogenerator.

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heavyduty_tachogenerators   HeavyDuty Tachogenerators and Resolvers

• Maximum brush lifetime thanks to LogLife commutator.
• Operating temperature up to +130 ºC.
• Very high accuracy throughout the entire speed range.

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heavyduty_combinations   HeavyDuty Combinations

• Two or more sensors with a common shaft.
• Many combination options.
• For high safety requirerments.

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