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 incremental_bearingless_encoders   Incremental Bearingless Encoders

• For shafts up to ø740 mm.
• Line count up to 524288.
• Square wave and sinusoidal signals.

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absolute_bearingless_encoders   Absolute Bearingless Encoders

• For shafts up to ø340 mm.
• Resolution up to 17 bit per revolution.
• SSI or CANopen.

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bearingless_encoders   Absolute Encoder MAGRES

• Single and multiturn version.
• Wear-free and dirt tolerant.
• SSI as well as all common fieldbus and Ethernet interfaces.

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magnetic_angle_sensors   Magnetic Angle Sensors

• Absolute position detection up to 360º rotary angle.
• High resolution up to 0.009º.
• Linearized analog output signal.
• Wear-free and dirt tolerant.

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