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Edge Sensors
PosCon 3D
Baumer OXE7.E25T-11111452
Edge Sensor PosCon 3D

Distance-Independent Measurement of Object Edge Positions Without Reflector
Type Measuring Mode: edges, center, width, gap
Version PosCon 3D
Measuring Range (width) 75 ... 125 mm
Measuring Range (distance) 150 ... 250 mm
Power on Indication LED green
Output indicator LED yellow / LED red
Light Source Pulsed red laser diode
Wave Length 656 nm
Laser Class 1
Optical Peak Power Max. 3 mW
Cable Length Max. 5 m to the star point
Adjustment Touch Display, RS485
Electrical Data
Voltage Supply Range +Vs 15 ... 28 VDC
Current Consumption Max. (no load) 150 mA
Output Circuit Analog and RS 485
Output Signal 4 ... 20 mA / 0 ... 10 VDC
Switching Output Push-pull
Output Function Out 1 / Alarm
Output Current < 100 mA
Baud Rate 115200, adjustable
Reverse Polarity Protection yes, Vs to GND
Short Circuit Protection yes
Mechanical Data
Width / Diameter 26 mm
Height / Length 74 mm
Depth 55 mm
Type Rectangular, front view
Housing Material Aluminum
Front (optics) Glass
Connection Types Connector M12 8 pin
Weight 130 g
Dimension Drawing Connection Diagram
Alignment of the Laser Line